Wednesday, December 11, 2013

E-Wheels EW-88 Electric Tricycle

The EW-88 electric trike is a sturdy 3-wheel tricycle that rides smoothly around town. The EW-88 Electric tricycle is perfect for riders that need to carry cargo. The large metal basket even includes a top. The pedal assist kicks-in automatically as you pedal making the bike glide along with minimal effort. You can use the twist throttle on the handlebar to cruise along with or without pedaling. Our EW-88 even has a reverse so that you can back up to park or to maneuver around obstacles. Your trike comes 95% assembled. You only need to put on the front wheel and make minor adjustments to get it ready. You can get 20 plus miles per charge with only minimal pedaling.
e-wheels ew-88 electric bikee-wheels ew-88 bike
  • TIRE SIZE: Front: 20”*1.75”: Rear: 22”*1.75”
  • SPEED: Up to 17MPH DISTANCE: Up to 18-25 miles per charge-can still pedal if charge is lost (distance varies by riders weight , terrain, road surface etc.)
  • KEY START: Yes
  • BRAKING SYSTEM: Front drum brake, rear brake expansion brake
Warranty: EWHEELS branded electric Mopeds: Three months (90 days) from purchase date by the original owner.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any problems with your new vehicle, we will help you to get a warranty repair as quickly as possible. We have parts available for all our products and FarBike can assist you as long as you own your vehicle, so you can feel good about your new ride.

For more details: E-Wheels EW-88 Electric Tricycle

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