Wednesday, December 11, 2013

X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Cruiser Bike

The X-Treme XB-305Li Electric Mountain Bike is a terrific beginners, out-of-the-box electric bike. It’s identical to the XB-300Li, but with an easy access, step through frame. This is perfect for those of you who are looking for something a bit more accommodating.
x-treme xb-305li electric cruiser bikex-treme xb-305li bike

This bike is perfect for commuters to campus of the workplace. The XB-305Li comes with a 300 watt hub motor that’s powered by cutting-edge, lightweight, lithium ion batteries. You can simply pedal without power for days when you feel like getting in some exercise. You could move by electric power only for days when you just need to get some place. Or simply pedal with power on demand. 

The 300 watt electric motor comes in handy when you need to take a break or would like an extra boost of power. The XB-305Li electric bike comes with top-quality components like Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries, a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney® Gear & Shifter System and RST Capa® T7 front hydraulic shocks for a smooth ride on or off-road. This baby can reach speeds up to 20 mph, and has a range of 15-20 miles.

For more information click here:  X-Treme XB-305 Li

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