Wednesday, December 11, 2013

X-Treme XB-610 Pedal Asissted Moped / Bicycle

X-Treme's XB-610 Elite Electric bicycle (highest power unit we offer) with 4 (20 AMP) batteries & brush less rear 600 watt hub motor. The pedals are included free but do not need to be installed. The XB-610 is classified as a power assisted bicycle and is legal most everywhere with no license needed to ride.
x-treme xb-610 pedal asissted moped bicyclex-treme xb-610 bike
The XB-610 is loaded with nearly all of the same features you will find on our electric motorcycles, yet the XB-610 costs 75% less.
The power of the XB-610 electric bicycle comes standard with a large 600 watt brushless rear hub motor (installed in the center of the rear wheel) that is powered by 4 large high power batteries (20 AMPS each battery - The Largest Battery We Offer) that will last 3 years or more & can be re-charged more than 500 times. The electric bicycle will travel 20 - 25 miles on a single charge.
The XB-610 is a great transportation tool for commuters or those working on large campuses. It also requires less money, environmental impact and improvement in transit value.

The main difference between the XB-502 and XB-610 is the XB-610 comes with 4 – 20 AMP batteries where as the XB-502 comes with 4 – 12 AMP Batteries. More Amps = More Range A 20 AMP battery is almost double the capacity of a 12 AMP battery.

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