Wednesday, December 11, 2013

X-Treme XMB-420 Electric Mobility Scooter Tricycle

The New XMB-420E Elite three wheel Electric Mobility Scooter, is a leaner Mobility Scooter that can fit through more doors compared to the XB-420M or the EW-36. Designed for the not so young riders who do not want to feel like they are driving a "Disabled Persons Chair". The XMB-420E mobility scooter is powered by 2 large (12 Volt, 20 amps each) batteries  and All-In-one rear end differential motor just like the ones found in high priced mobility scooters. As a successor of the XB-420M the most popular 3 Wheel High-Power Pre-mobility Scooter, this is a true Mobility Electric Scooter that will come to a complete stop when you release the throttle and will not roll backwards.
x-treme xmb-420 electric mobility scooter tricyclex-treme xmb-420 scooter

With full charge power, the XMB-420E Elite mobility scooter can speed up to 10+ MPH, does not have sudden forward jerk at take-off like other similar scooters! You have speed switch with a choice of high speed and low speed. Also included are a reverse gear switch, drop down arm rests and a stylish cargo rack for convenience. Extra storage is available under the seat as well as in the glove box. The New XMB-420E comes in a slick Black/Silver and Blue/Silver tone of colors. We have experienced a spike in demand for this scooter due to it low affordable price and stocks are running low so order yours today and we will ship as soon as possible so you can enjoy your motorized mobility scooter.

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