Friday, January 24, 2014

X-Treme X-360 Electric Scooter - A Fun Look at the X 360 Electric Scooter

We live in an area that is relatively close to all the places that we frequently go. However, in most cases, reaching them really requires a car. With my knees, a bicycle was out of the question.
We had considered buying a second car, but really didn't want the added expense. So, I guess you could say that the XTreme X-360 electric scooter kind of came to our "rescue."
It comes in 2 colors, and we opted for the blue. At 80 lbs, with a rear shock absorber, it provides a remarkably smooth ride.
It is perfect for rides to our local convenience store, as it has a storage compartment behind the seat. We were particularly impressed with it's top speed of 21+ mph, and it's range of 15-20 miles on a single charge.
The battery pack is particularly impressive, and is partially responsible for it's long range. It has three, 12 volt batteries, which should be good for hundreds of charges.
The range really depends on the weight of the rider. My wife weighs 70 lbs less than me, so she can go closer to the 20 mile mark. Basically, we can ride pretty much all day on a single charge!
Another benefit is that we can ride the x360 scooter at night. It features full running lights, including a headlight, tail lights, and a directional signal. It even has a horn!
Speed is controlled by a fun, twist grip accelerator. Braking is performed by hand grips, similar to a bicycle.
All in all, the XTreme X-360 fits our lifestyle beautifully, and it's fun to ride, too!

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