Wednesday, April 30, 2014

X-treme Scooters XB-305 Electric Cruiser Bike

The X-treme XB-305LI is a feature packed, high quality and low price electric bike. This electric bicycle has high end features such as a LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery and a powerful 300 watt rear hub motor that provided swift acceleration to this e bikes top speed of 20 mph. The XB-305 has an impressive range of 20-25 miles depending on rider weight and terrain. This electric powered bicycle has both a twist throttle like a motorcycle that will get you moving without having to pedal, or a pedal assist system (PAS) that uses the electric motor to double the riders effort pedaling and increasing range.

X-treme XB-305LI

The X-treme XB-305LI electric bike has great build quality backed up by X-treme's very good 90 day warranty. The XB-305 uses high end components on a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. The step through frame makes getting on and off this bike very easy, and the upright riding style allows you to ride in comfort for miles and miles. The XB-305LI is a true comfort cruiser that will have you out riding around town in style and comfort.

The X-Treme XB-305LI is the step through type frame, The XB-300LI is a mens frame. The 2013 model uses a different seat, headlight and kickstand. The XB-305Li is a Step Through Lithium Battery powered Electric Bicycle, running on a 300 Watt rear hub motor. Made with all top of the line components this model includes a 7 Speed Shimano Tourney Gears & Shifter System, 7 Lightweight Lithium Ion Batteries, a 100% Aluminum Alloy Frame, fully Adjustable Seat, and an RST Capa T7 front fork.

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